Diving is becoming more and more accessible this means there are an increasing number of divers around the world and the forecast is looking good with new markets opening. More shops are opening, course materials are getting translated into more languages. There are more instructors from every country and language.

All things diving is a portal where every level of divers and even non-divers who are curious about trying or getting certified will find interesting information. It is also broad enough to cover recreational diving as much as technical diving.

The idea came after having to turn to many different sources to access all the common diving knowledge online and offline. All things diving regroup all this information into one easy-to-navigate and accessible knowledge base. It also has much more such as customizable quizzes for divemasters or instructor candidates. It can also be a good tool to prepare beginners divers for their courses or to refresh the knowledge of divers that did not dive for a long time.

It is important to say and this cannot be stressed enough that no text, book, quiz, video, or any other source of knowledge can replace training given by a recognized professional.