BLU3 issue a recall for the Nomad Battery-Powered Tankless Diving Systems

BLU3 issued a recall for its Nomad battery-powered tankless diving systems for about 1300 units sold in North America. It is written that up to 21 experienced restricted airflow from defective units.

Description and unit identification

This recall involves BLU3’s Nomad battery-powered tankless diving systems. The BLU3 logo and Nomad appear in writing on the top handle of the dive system. Consumers can identify whether their Nomad is included in the recall by contacting BLU3 and providing the serial number for their Nomad. The serial number can be found in the compartment behind the battery door. Serial numbers ending with the last four digits between 0000 to 2700 are included in the recall.

What to do with the units

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Nomad tankless diving systems and contact BLU3 to schedule a free repair at an approved service center. BLU3 is contacting all known purchasers directly. The repair cannot be performed by the consumer.

More details with a link to the manufacturer recall page can be found in the table on our Recall and Safety Notices for Diving Gear page.