BLU3 issue a recall for the Nomad Battery-Powered Tankless Diving Systems

BLU3 issued a recall for its Nomad battery-powered tankless diving systems for about 1300 units sold in North America. It is written that up to 21 experienced restricted airflow from defective units.

Description and unit identification

This recall involves BLU3’s Nomad battery-powered tankless diving systems. The BLU3 logo and Nomad appear in writing on the top handle of the dive system. Consumers can identify whether their Nomad is included in the recall by contacting BLU3 and providing the serial number for their Nomad. The serial number can be found in the compartment behind the battery door. Serial numbers ending with the last four digits between 0000 to 2700 are included in the recall.

What to do with the units

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Nomad tankless diving systems and contact BLU3 to schedule a free repair at an approved service center. BLU3 is contacting all known purchasers directly. The repair cannot be performed by the consumer.

More details with a link to the manufacturer recall page can be found in the table on our Recall and Safety Notices for Diving Gear page.

Atomic Aquatics issues a recall for some rubber hoses

Atomic Aquatics has learned of an issue that may affect low-pressure rubber hoses rendering them unsafe for use.

They were either sold with regulators or separately between July of 2017 and February of 2019.

These images provide an example of hose stamps that are covered in the recall.

Low-Pressure Atomic Aquatics Hoses bearing the date stamps D0717, D0817, D0917, D1017, D1117, D1217, D0118, D0218, D0318, D0418, D0518, D0718, D0918, D1018, D1118, AA119, or AA219 will be replaced free of charge by Huish Outdoors.

More details with a link to the manufacturer recall page can be found in the table on our Recall and Safety Notices for Diving Gear page.

Dive Gear Express issue a recall on some low-pressure rubber hoses

Dive Gear Express the online store has issued a recall on some low-pressure rubber hoses assembled by DaniCorp and that were purchased through the supplier Innovative SCUBA.

DGE said that under normal working conditions hose could rupture cutting preventing the air to get to the second which can cut off the air supply to the diver.

It does not apply to all the rubber hoses and the lot can be checked with a date on the crimps of the hoses.

You can find the info of the recall on our Recalls and safety notices for diving gear page.


Mares issue a voluntary recall on inflators

Mares has issued a voluntary recall on some of their products using a specific inflator.

Mares inflator recall March 21st, 2019

Problem description

Under certain circumstances the deflation button could come unscrewed which could result in loss
of the seal at the mouthpiece. This in turn would result in loss of buoyancy that could potentially
lead to an accident and serious injury or death, hence Mares has decided to issue a VOLUNTARY
product recall to protect the safety of the diver.

The problem arises because insufficient torque was applied during the assembly of a small lot of
these inflators. The inflators are produced by a third party supplier who has used the same principle on hundreds of thousands of inflators without problems. The issue at hand is limited to a
small lot due to a change in its production process, which has already been rectified. The problem is solved by applying the correct torque when assembling the button. For added safety, a
special glue is now added on the threads.

Affected Products

Inflators assembled with proper torque and glue are marked with an X on the body and ID started with 19.XX.XXX as described above. IF THE INFLATOR BODY PRESENTS THE X and ID started with

The recall concerns only the following products:
Code Description
417511 Donut Bladder Single Tank – XR Line
417512 Donut Bladder Twin Tank – XR Line
417536 Sidemount Pure Light Bladder – XR Line
417539 Red Devil Single Backmount set – XR Line
417540 Red Devil Single Backmount set SSI – XR Line
417547 Pure Light Sidemount complete set – XR Line
417550 Silver Knight Single BM set – XR Line
417551 Blue Battle Single Backmount set – XR Line

What to do if you have one of the products or not sure about a product?

If you own one of the products listed at the beginning of this letter and have identified it to be
affected by the recall by recognizing the inflator being a NEW MODEL and PART OF THE
dealer or contact Mares directly at the phone number or email address listed below.
If you are in doubt as to whether your product is affected or not, STOP DIVING WITH IT AND
CONTACT YOUR DEALER OR CONTACT MARES at the phone number or email listed at the end of
this letter.


Manufaturer website:

PFD with more details:

Shearwater issue a recall on transmitters

Shearwater has issued a recall on their yellow diving transmitters which were sold from June 2017 through November 2018.

The transmitters can fail to signal the tank pressure due to interference while using two transmitters in the same dive. This poses a drowning hazard to divers.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled transmitters and contact the firm to arrange a free repair or exchange of the transmitter.

Links and more details can be found on the Recalls and safety notices for diving gear page.

Zeagle issue a recall on Sport buoyancy compensators


Zeagle Sprot buoyancy compensator

Zeagle (Huish Outdoors) has issued a recall on a range of its Sport line of buoyancy compensators. The affected equipment was sold between 2015 and 2018.

There is a possibility that the inflator button may break letting all air out of the buoyancy compensator.

Buoyancy compensator inflator close up

It is advised to stop using the affected products and contact the manufacturer.

Links and more details can be found on the Recalls and safety notices for diving gear page

Dive calculators and converter are out

Screenshot of Dive Calculator page

We are proud to say that a new helpful page has been added to the website.

Dive calculators and converters can assist you in making quick calculations or convert some measurements. Calculate you surface air consumption or SAC, an equivalent air depth or EAD, your equivalent narcotic depth or END for diving with helium and much more.

Head over to the Dive Calculators page to see what this is about.

The history timeline hits its 50th entry

After much research the timeline just got past the 50th historic entry on it’s timelime. Older times not being recorded accurately or interlaced with some fantasy make it not easy to get answers to many questions. As we try to provide informations as accurate as possible, we are proud to reach the 50 mark. Much more in to come on the timeline.

UK ban on micro plastic beads comes in effect

The ban is the result of UK moves to tackle the growing of plastic ending up in the ocean. Micro plastic beads are used in soap and toothpaste to provide a better scrubbing effect. As there are many natural alternative the industry will still be able to produce the same products.

The problem with the micro plastic beads is hard to see in the first place. But this plastic makes its way in the food food chain of marine life. It can also create layers in the water preventing light to pass through. This affect marine animals and creature like corals.

The ban is part of a series measures to deal with pollution as U.K. government releases a 25-year environment plan that aims to address issues on land and in the ocean and waterways.