Diving is a very safe sport compared to many others. However it is still a sport that relies on a combination of knowledge, skills, specialized equipment and attitude. And failure to follow what is considered safe practices can lead to problems. To start learning you can visit our Where and How to start diving?

The purpose of this website is to help students enrolled in diving courses for entry levels as much as professionals and for people curious about diving knowledge to practice or get more information. This website does NOT and is NOT intended to teach you how to dive in any way and is NOT a substitute to proper training. ONLY professionals from recognized agencies can provide this service. Failing to follow this recommendation can result in SERIOUS INJURIES and or PERMANENT DISABILITY and even DEATH.

It is YOUR responsibility and no one else, to seek proper training to dive. Diving unknowingly and or out of your training limits can lead to SERIOUS INJURIES and even DEATH.

Also misuse, misunderstanding or inaccuracies from language translation or choice of words can lead to similar outcomes.