Divers and Professionals certification verification

There are many agencies that deliver scuba diving certifications. Most major agencies recognized levels from most of the other ones. Some committees are also formed to ensure equivalence of levels. This allows individuals to start with an agency and continue with another one.

Online validations systems for diving agency

Here are a list of links to the pages or systems for verifying divers and or dive professionals credentials. Agencies are listed in alphabetical order.

IAC – International Aquanautic Club

Divers: https://www.diveiac.de/index.php?id=130

IDEA Europe – International Diving Educators Association

Divers: http://www.idea-europe.eu/database.html
Professionals: http://www.idea-europe.eu/checkpro/check-pro.php
Both: http://www.idea-europe.org/

NADD – NADD Global Diving Agency

Divers: http://mynadd.naddeurope.com/CertificationMember
Professionals: http://mynadd.naddeurope.com/CertificationProfessionalMember

NASE Worldwide – National Academy of Scuba Educators

Divers: http://scuba-training.net/scuba/nase.indexV2.php?szTargetPage=nase.diverStatus.php

NAUI – National Association of Underwater Instructors

Divers: https://www.naui.org/verify-certification/

PSS – Professional Scuba School

Divers: https://www.pssworldwide.org/en/verifyAffiliateCertification.aspx

SDI – Scuba Diving International

Divers: https://www.tdisdi.com/cert-search/

SNSI – Scuba and Nitrox Safety International

Divers: http://scubasnsi.goscubasnsi.com/student-verification/
Professionals: http://scubasnsi.goscubasnsi.com/professional-verification/

Access to the certification and information

Not many agencies are providing this information and with new laws such as the GDPR in Europe, we might see less. For most this data is accessible to professionals affiliated with their respective agencies. Recently most agencies have been providing their divers with certification in an electronic format. Divers can carry their certifications on their mobile devices and can log in the system of the agencies they are certified with.