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We feel there is a need for an easy to search a centralized library of documents. Because there is one thing often overlooked with equipment. Understanding the proper use, the safety notices, and the limitations. This is why manufacturers and distributors provide the user, owner or instructions guides, and manuals for their products. Now with quick access to the internet, they are often offered online. Quickstart guides are still popular but do not provide complete information. This made people less inclined to go look for, download and read them. Our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible to access all this information.

Technological advancements lead to big progress in diving equipment. Gear now widely used such as computers facilitate diving. eCCR or fully controlled electronic rebreathers are slowly emerging in recreational diving. By lowering the learning curve or simplifying logistics, preparation, and operation. It is now much more accessible and can appeal to a greater number of people. The drawback is that less and fewer divers have a profound understanding of underlying physics and mechanics of diving and the gear used for it.

How much lift a wing can provide. When and how to properly maintain, clean and store equipment. What does this blinking warning mean on the dive computer? Many people skip reading the manuals or eagerly only read the quickstart guide. It is common for dive professionals to get asked how a piece of equipment works just a few minutes before the dive. Or worse, after the dive is completed.

Being unaware of how to properly operate, use and the limitations of equipment can lead to problems or serious and dangerous situations.

For this reason, we have decided to put online an extensive yet incomplete library of documents. This ranges from general manuals, quickstart guides, additional or revised documents. It also has many older documents that can be useful for vintage gear collectors. Some are pieces of history in diving.

This document library does not include schematics, maintenance and services manuals or spare parts lists. Some manufacturers include this information in the normal public manuals. But for most, they are provided as separate. Sometimes they are made available only to authorized and certified technicians. If you are looking for such manuals you can visit the other library of documents for professionals and technicians.

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