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The place to find all the information about diving in many ways.

If you are new or curious about diving do not be afraid to poke around. Just remember that divers are required to strictly adhere to safety measures that can only be acquired through proper training with professionals. If you are wondering how and where to start diving you can visit this simple and comprehensive guide.

For everyone

This is about diving in general and is not only aimed at divers. There is a lot covering the scientific, medical and technical aspect of diving.

The history of diving

The history of diving is a great place to start to learn about diving.

The Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs of diving

There are numerous questions that come back all the time about this intriguing sport. You can get the answer to these questions on our Scuba Diving FAQ page.

A glossary of diving

Diving is an equipment-based sport and takes place in a very different environment. Many terms in diving are not commonly used outside this topic or in the scientific realm. This is why we have put together an easy to consult Glossary of Scuba Diving page It also has an Acronyms page to make sense of all these letters.

To learn diving or earn a diver certification

If you want to learn how to become a diver you can visit our Scuba diving, how and where to start? page.

For divers

If you are already a diver you can find a lot of information to either refresh your knowledge or learn new things about diving.

Dive Calculators

The Dive Calculators can help you to quickly calculate different numbers related to diving.

User, Owner, and other guides and operation manuals

All Things Diving has been together an extensive Document Library for Diving Equipment from most of scuba gear brands and manufacturers. It is important to read the manuals and to understand the proper usage of gear. For this reason, we make it easy to find this documentation. All you have to do is to read it. Now it can be anywhere, anytime.

Recalls and important safety notices from manufacturers

Even if scuba gear is highly reliable they are designed, made and assembled by humans. This factor can lead to problems with equipment that can and should be addressed. Manufacturers take no responsibility to track you down after a purchase of their gear to let you know that there is a recall for it. With the Recalls and safety notices for diving gear page, you can check if your gear is subject to such safety notice or recall.

For professionals and shops

For professionals, there are many tools that can assist you with daily tasks or for students and candidates.

Divers and Professionals certification verification

A list of website and systems to verify diver certifications. Divers, as well as dive professionals, can be looked up in agencies databases. Head to the Divers and Professionals certification verification page to see the list.