Glossary of Scuba Diving

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The glossary contains terms, acronyms, expressions, and other related nomenclature relative to scuba diving. You can also select a glossary category to get a better grouping of the definitions. And for each entry, you can learn more from the encyclopedia.

  • Absolute pressure

    The absolute pressure is compared against a perfect vacuum. It will read the actual surrounding pressure plus the pressure of the atmosphere. It is used in technical or altitude dive planning. The absolute pressure is not the pressure from the submersible pressure gauge as it represents the gauge pressure.

  • Argon

    Argon is a noble gas used in diving for the sole purpose of drysuit inflation. Its higher density gives argon better insulating properties. It is not used as a breathing gas as it is about 2.3 times more narcotic than nitrogen.

  • Backmount

    Backmount is the expression used for regular scuba gear configuration where one or two cylinders are mounted and secured on the back of the diver.