Glossary of Scuba Diving

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The glossary contains terms, acronyms, expressions, and other related nomenclature relative to scuba diving. You can also select a glossary category to get a better grouping of the definitions. And for each entry, you can learn more from the encyclopedia.

  • Table – Dive Tables

    The dive tables were invented to deal with the effect of surrounding pressure that increase the nitrogen dissolved in our body. They were the first way to calculate times and depths to dive safely and prevent decompression sicknesses. Nowadays computers applies almost real time the calculations made to create the tables.

  • Trim

    The trim is the position of a diver relative to the surface. Having a good trim means that the diver can float in a horizontal position parallel to the surface. It is important as it reduce drag and increase overall efficiency of movement underwater.

  • Trimix

    Trimix is a mixture of three breathable gases. Oxygen, Nitrogen and Helium. It is used in technical diving to reduce the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Because helium has lower density, Trimix is also used to reduce the effort of breathing caused by surrounding pressure at greater depths.