Glossary of Scuba Diving

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The glossary contains terms, acronyms, expressions, and other related nomenclature relative to scuba diving. You can also select a glossary category to get a better grouping of the definitions. And for each entry, you can learn more from the encyclopedia.

  • Backplate

    The backplate is the base of a diving harness. It is what supports one or more back mounted tank and to which the straps for the shoulders and the waist are attached. They are mostly made of one piece of stainless steel or aluminium. In the last few years, lighter ones made of a soft…

  • Bar

    A Bar is a metric unit of measure for pressure. It is used in most of the world as the standard pressure unit for measurement on SPG. In some countries where the imperial measurement is in use the unit is the PSI.

  • BCD – Buoyancy Control Device

    A BCD or Buoyancy Control Device is an air cell that can be inflated or deflated. It is nowadays used by all divers to control buoyancy and help stay comfortably afloat at the surface. Most are in a jacket style of BCD but they can also be what is called wing BCD or even an…