Glossary of Scuba Diving

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The glossary contains terms, acronyms, expressions, and other related nomenclature relative to scuba diving. You can also select a glossary category to get a better grouping of the definitions. And for each entry, you can learn more from the encyclopedia.

  • Bioluminescence

    Bioluminescence is the ability of some aquatic organisms to generate light. It uses chemical reaction to achieve this. This ability has only been observed in aquatic organisms and only a few terrestrial insects such as the firefly.

  • Bolt Snap

    Bolt snaps commonly called dog clips comes in many sizes and are used to attach various pieces of diving equipment. They can also be double ended with a clip on each end. They are said to be the best clip for securing equipment as they cannot be opened by pressing against the gate or without…

  • Buoyancy, Buoyant

    Buoyant or buoyancy is relative to the sinking or floating characteristics of an object in liquids. We can say objects are positively buoyant or have a positive buoyancy when they float. Inversely are negatively buoyant when they sink, and neutrally buoyant when they neither float or sink and remains at the same depth.