Glossary of Scuba Diving

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The glossary contains terms, acronyms, expressions, and other related nomenclature relative to scuba diving. You can also select a glossary category to get a better grouping of the definitions. And for each entry, you can learn more from the encyclopedia.

  • Burst Disc

    A burst disc is a safety feature of cylinders valves to help prevent overpressurization. It will as the name implies burst with the excess pressure and drain the cylinder until it is at ambient pressure.

  • Current

    A current is the name for water movement which would make a floating object move from its starting point. This is how surface current speed are determined. Some of these currents are called rip current and could be dangerous for swimmers and divers as they can bring them far away from the shore.

  • D-ring

    A d-ring is used for clipping and securing equipment with clips. It is composed of a ring bent in a D shape and usually made of resistant material like stainless steel or very hard plastics. They are positioned mostly on the shoulder straps but can also be hanging from the side flaps of jacket or…