The acronyms used in diving.

  • Divers Alert Network – DAN

    Divers Alert Network or DAN is a non-profit agency that collects and analyze information for divers safety. It has branches that sell different diving oriented services and products such as insurance or oxygen providing kits or First Aid and CPR courses.

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  • DPV – Diver Propulsion Vehicule

    DPV or Diver Propulsion Vehicule are also called underwater scooters. They are composed of a sealed electric engine with gears that rotates a propeller at various speeds.

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  • DSMB – Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

    DSMB stands for Delayed Surface Marker Buoy and is pretty much the same as a SMB but it is meant to be deployed from underwater. Its warns boats and other people that we are coming up or that we are under. It is also used by technical divers to signal status to the support team.

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