The acronyms used in diving.

  • ICD – Isobaric Counterdiffusion

    ICD or Isobaric Counterdiffusion is a term used to describe when an inert gas is diffusing in the tissues while another inert gas is diffusing out of the tissues. It is not a desirable effect as it leads to increased risk of gas bubbles formation in fast tissues.

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  • LDS – Local Dive Shop

    A LDS is a store, shop or dive center that provides products and services related to diving. It can be diving logistics and diving trips, equipment maintenance, rental or sales or education and certification.

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  • LPI – Low Pressure Inflator

    The LPI or Low Pressure Inflator allows the BC or BCD to be inflated or deflated. The LPI is fed by its own hose connected to a low pressure port of a regulator first stage. There are only two buttons, one for inflation and the other for deflation.

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