The acronyms used in diving.

  • OC – Open Circuit

    Open circuit is the breathing system most commonly used for scuba diving. It is called open circuit because all the gas exhaled by the diver is expelled in the environment. A basic OC breathing apparatus is composed of a cylinder, a regulator first and second stage and a pressure gauge. The other systems are called … Read more

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  • PSI – Pounds per Square Inch

    The PSI or Pounds per Square Inch unit is from the imperial system of measurement and is used to express the value of pressure. Some countries such as the US still use it but most countries in the world use the bar which is the metric unit for pressure measurement.

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  • RNT – Residual Nitrogen Time

    The Residual Nitrogen Time or RNT is a way to convert the saturated nitrogen in the body in time to be easier to use with tables.

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