The acronyms used in diving.

  • SI – Surface Interval

    The SI or surface interval is the amount of time between 2 dives which is used to calculate the limits in consecutive dives.

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  • SMB – Surface Marker Buoy

    A SMB or Surface Marker Buoy is a safety signaling device in the form of an inflatable tube of fabric brightly colored. SMBs are used at the surface to be easily visible and spotted from far away. Some can also be deployed from underwater and are called DSMB.

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  • SPG – Submersible Pressure Gauge

    SPG or Submersible Pressure Gauge is a gauge that translate the pressure from the tank to a unit that has measurable properties. Similar to the fuel gauge of a car. They can either be in PSI for imperial system or bar for metric system. They are the same as their regular non-submersible counterpart but sealed … Read more

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