Our take on privacy might be a little different than on other sites. We are trying to be GDPR compliant but it is not completely implemented and pushed back a little at the moment. We will be by it is a matter of when.

Meanwhile, we think that you should be much more concerned with your social media accounts than the data this site gather from you. Yes, we do gather information, but it is to keep up to date with current web technologies such as Google Analytics or WordPress to serve our webpage. You can just keep on browsing as you were doing before may 29th, date of the GDPR introduction and nothing bad will come out of it on our page.

If you are afraid for your privacy or to share the little information we take from you and how we handle it, you can close this page right away.

Privacy and information to better serve you

We do need to get information from you when you interact with our site. And we do not think it is a breach of your privacy. This information helps us to better understand the needs and know how popular a topic can be or how it can be more easily accessed.

Here is what we do with the information we get from you:

  • Statistics on visitors using Google Analytics
  • Serve advertisement on the page based on what Google already has on you using Google AdSense.
  • Since we require no login or account for our website we store the information about in a cookie on your computer. You can delete it at any time you wish in your browser options or settings.