Rebreather Selector

As it is hard to pick the rebreather and if you ask any rebreather diver you might get biased answer as it is a big investment and they might feel their unit is the best justifying their choices. Another thing to keep in mind is that most rebreather instructor might push or sell the units they own or can teach courses for. This is the reason we made a tool to help you pick the right rebreather for YOUR needs.

The results are provided according to the answer to the questions. The score is added as it fits the best. There is no perfect score. They one with the highest is the one that is more in line with what you selected.

Country of manufacture

Preference for the country of manufacture?

Type of rebreather

What type of rebreather?

Rebreather mount option

Where do you want your rebreather?

Counter Lungs

What counter lungs would you prefer?

Actual production?

A unit that is still in production?

Size and weight

Do the size matters?

CE certification

Does it have to be CE?


Does it need to have a computer?

Bail Out Valve

Does it need to have a bail out valve?

Dive ready unit

Does it need to be ready to dive?

Suited for technical diving

Does it need to be rated or suited for technical diving?

The scubber time

Is the scrubber time important?


What kind of alarms the unit should have?

Can choose more than one option.


Does it need to come with a hud?


Does it come or is compatible with a Shearwater?

Price for unit

What maximum would be paid for a unit in EUR?

Mechanical service

Should the mechanical components be easy to service?

Electronic service

Should the electronic components be easy to service?

Generate the top 3 rebreathers for me.