Recalls and safety notices for diving gear

As some of the gear used by divers is considered life-supporting, it is very important that it operates the way intended. Even with very high standards of quality, diving equipment manufacturers are not protected from defects. There is always the possibility of some defect or problems slipping through quality control. Even very rare and limited, some of them might lead to hazardous situations. All owners of scuba gear should consult periodically websites of manufacturers for such notices or recalls.

This page is a good start to see if the equipment you own is subject to such safety notice or recall.

The list of recalls and safety notices

You can click on the + plus sign left of the date to see more information about the recall or notice.

What to do if I own gear affected by a notice or recall

If you own any on the list, we strongly recommend that you stop using the product immediately. As a safety precaution, you should visit the manufacturer website with the links provided to get more information. It might be only for a specific range of serial numbers or batch number and you might not be concerned. There is no other way to tell or know for sure.

Product recalls result in a repair or replacement and done at no cost. If only a repair is required, it can most of the time be done by an authorized and certified technician. Other products might be exchanged at a retailer. In the case that there is no service provider in your area the product can be shipped. The cost of shipping and handling is not covered by companies and have to be paid and organized by the owner. Most companies will list their retailers and service providers on their website. Information can also be obtained by contacting the company directly.

Why recalls and safety notices so old are listed

Some of these entries are old. For products that have been discontinued and off the market for many years. But we decided to keep them on the list. It is still about safety and it can be referred to when buying second-hand equipment or for collectors of vintage gear.

Keep in mind there might be some not listed

Remember even with all the efforts to keep the information up to date and from reliable sources, some recall or notices might not be listed. It is not a complete and definitive list. You should check directly with the manufacturer. You can see a list of all known scuba gear brands with links to their websites on this page.