Scuba Diving FAQ

The FAQ or most Frequently Asked Questions about scuba diving as well as their short answer.

Additional information can be found through links embedded within the answers.

  • I am pregnant or trying to be, can I dive?

    The short answer is no. Since not much is known about the effect of diving while pregnant it is strongly advised that pregnant women abstain from diving. The little research made into the subject is promising but we should stick to the safety.

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  • I have a disability can I try scuba diving or get certified?

    Yes most likely but it depends on the disability. If you can get over all the common daily tasks by your own then diving should not pose problems. Equipment can be to some extent, customized to offer ease of use and accommodate different physiologies. A there is no way to tell the best is to…

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  • I have this or that medical condition, can I dive?

    Depending on the medical condition you have you might still be able to dive. However there is some medical conditions that are incompatible with diving. The best is to first refer to a dive professional but ultimately the only person that can give clearance is a physician. You can learn more about diving and health…

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