Scuba Diving FAQ

The FAQ or most Frequently Asked Questions about scuba diving as well as their short answer.

Additional information can be found through links embedded within the answers.

  • Can scuba diving be dangerous?

    Dangerous, yes and no. But do not get scared or be turned off. It is a yes if it is not done properly or recklessly and without prior training. The same could be said for driving cars and many other potentially dangerous things we do in daily life. But no it is not dangerous with…

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  • Do I need to be an excellent swimmer to do scuba diving?

    No there is no need to be an excellent swimmer. Most people have good enough swimming skills to become a diver but there is still a minimum required. When taking entry level courses a person should be able to swim 200 meters or 660 feet continuously and this at any speed. It is not a…

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  • How long does it takes to become a scuba diver?

    If you mean to experience scuba diving, the answer is it can be done now. You can enroll in a try diving program. Under the supervision and guidance of a dive professional, you can try scuba diving in a safe and controlled environment. If you had an entry level certification in mind. The first level…

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