Scuba Diving FAQ

The FAQ or most Frequently Asked Questions about scuba diving as well as their short answer.

Additional information can be found through links embedded within the answers.

  • I heard courses or certifications are not required to dive, is that true?

    Yes it is true, full courses or certifications are not required to dive. The are some programs made to try scuba diving in real conditions without the need for a certification. Just a little orientation is made under the guidance and supervision of a dive professional. But these programs and activities have their limits. Try…

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  • Is it true that I cannot travel by plane after scuba diving?

    Yes, it is true you cannot travel by plane after diving. There is a certain amount of time we need to wait before taking a flight or even going to greater altitude. It could be dangerous and could lead to decompression sickness. If you are thinking of diving let the professionals know when you will…

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  • What is the duration of a dive?

    All things being relative there is so many factors involved in the duration of a dive. The average for recreational divers can be anywhere between 25 to 45 minutes. It mostly depend on the overall depth and each individual physiology. Nobody has the same lung volume and breathing rate. In recreational diving it ends when…

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