Scuba Diving FAQ

The FAQ or most Frequently Asked Questions about scuba diving as well as their short answer.

Additional information can be found through links embedded within the answers.

  • What is the maximum depth divers can go?

    Most diving takes place in what is called the recreational range. This is any dive shallower than 40 meters. For most of these dives, they take place in 25 meter or less. Try dives and first few dives of training is usually limited to 12 meters. Entry level certification are limited to 18 – 20…

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  • What is the minimum age for scuba diving?

    Because scuba diving can be done in pool kids from the age of 8 and over can start . But if it means following the parents in their dive in the open water. Then 10 years old is required. As every kids does not develop the same, for safety reasons, it is down to the…

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