What is the maximum depth divers can go?

Most diving takes place in what is called the recreational range. This is any dive shallower than 40 meters. For most of these dives, they take place in 25 meter or less. Try dives and first few dives of training is usually limited to 12 meters. Entry level certification are limited to 18 – 20 meters depending on the agency. More advanced divers are trained to dive to up to 30 meters. And with special training recreational divers can reach depths up to 40 meters.

Divers going over this limit need some special training and equipment. It is then called extended or technical diving and is a lot more demanding. This kind of diving has also a lot more risks. Currently the deepest dive has been done by Amer Gabr in the Red Sea in Egypt at a depth of 338 meters.

END – Equivalent Narcotic Depth

END or Equivalent Narcotic Depth is used to express the relative narcotic effect of nitrogen at given depths. Also called rapture of the deep, it impairs divers when they get exposed to a certain pressure. It is different for every diver at different times. The END compares a mixed gas other than air such as nitrox or trimix to what the narcotic effect would if the dive was conducted on air.

MOD – Maximum Operating Depth

MOD or Maximum Operating Depth counted in meters is the maximum depth at which a mixture of gas becomes unsuitable for breathing. The high partial pressure of oxygen might lead to seizures and convulsion. It is not used in regular air diving but taught in any enriched air courses or in mixed gases courses in technical diving.