Dive Gear Express issue a recall on some low-pressure rubber hoses

Dive Gear Express the online store has issued a recall on some low-pressure rubber hoses assembled by DaniCorp and that were purchased through the supplier Innovative SCUBA.

DGE said that under normal working conditions hose could rupture cutting preventing the air to get to the second which can cut off the air supply to the diver.

It does not apply to all the rubber hoses and the lot can be checked with a date on the crimps of the hoses.

You can find the info of the recall on our Recalls and safety notices for diving gear page.



LPI – Low Pressure Inflator

The LPI or Low Pressure Inflator allows the BC or BCD to be inflated or deflated. The LPI is fed by its own hose connected to a low pressure port of a regulator first stage. There are only two buttons, one for inflation and the other for deflation.