DCIEM – Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine

Its was in 1971 in Canada that the DCIEM or Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine was founded in a joint participation of military and civilian personnel. This lead to the development of dive tables that were more conservative than the US Navy tables.

ANDI – American Nitrox Divers, Inc.

Logo of ANDI or American Nitrox Divers Inc. diving training agency

It is in 1988 that ANDI or the American Nitrox Divers, Inc. was formed to respond to a demand for training using other breathing gases than air. It also covered the filling of tanks with enriched air.

Training offered: Recreational, Technical, Cave, Rebreather, Wreck, Hyperbaric

Website: http://www.andihq.com/

Email: andi@andihq.com

Headquarter: United States of America
Address: 74 Woodcleft Avenue, Freeport, New York, 11520-3342
Phone: +1 (516) 546-2026