Dive calculators and converter are out

Screenshot of Dive Calculator page

We are proud to say that a new helpful page has been added to the website.

Dive calculators and converters can assist you in making quick calculations or convert some measurements. Calculate you surface air consumption or SAC, an equivalent air depth or EAD, your equivalent narcotic depth or END for diving with helium and much more.

Head over to the Dive Calculators page to see what this is about.

The history timeline hits its 50th entry

After much research the timeline just got past the 50th historic entry on it’s timelime. Older times not being recorded accurately or interlaced with some fantasy make it not easy to get answers to many questions. As we try to provide informations as accurate as possible, we are proud to reach the 50 mark. Much more in to come on the timeline.

UK ban on micro plastic beads comes in effect

The ban is the result of UK moves to tackle the growing of plastic ending up in the ocean. Micro plastic beads are used in soap and toothpaste to provide a better scrubbing effect. As there are many natural alternative the industry will still be able to produce the same products.

The problem with the micro plastic beads is hard to see in the first place. But this plastic makes its way in the food food chain of marine life. It can also create layers in the water preventing light to pass through. This affect marine animals and creature like corals.

The ban is part of a series measures to deal with pollution as U.K. government releases a 25-year environment plan that aims to address issues on land and in the ocean and waterways.