Rinse inside the console boot

Most divers have their SPG in a boot along with some other instruments. Depth gauge, compass, dive computers. Once in a while, the SPG should be popped out and its connection where the hose swivel is should be rinsed as well.

Accumulation of salt water or sediments can corrode the connection and accelerate the deterioration of the metal. This leads to most of the leaks and failure of submersible pressure gauges.

Other instruments might benefit from getting pulled out of the boot and rinsed as well.

Set up your gear early

To set up or assemble your gear at the beginning of a trip out has many advantages. It allows you to familiarize with it if you have not been diving for a while. Or gives more time to find a solution in the event of a problem or breakage. Also for night dives, to set up with the natural light will be much more helpful than any other source of light.

By setting up your gear early you will also have more time to check if each part or component is working properly. For safe divers, it should be part of every dive but also be done with attention, taking the time to do it properly.

Being excited and going in a haste is a good way to forget things. Preparing ahead is also a good way to make sure nothing is missing.

It is also a good time to figure out how much weight you might need with the equipment you will be using.

Learn to orally inflate your BC

Everyone can press a button but not everyone is comfortable to inflate a buoyancy compensator orally in the water. It is a good skill to have and it cannot hurt to really master it. It is taught in all entry level diving course as a mean to attain positive buoyancy in the case of an emergency. It is also part of a proper buddy check.

Before the appearance of the power inflator or low-pressure inflator BCs were always orally inflated. Having an on-demand inflator has just made it easier.

Be it on the boat at buddy check, just after the entry to make yourself float, underwater to adjust buoyancy or back to the surface after the dive, there are many occasions divers can practice.

Just make sure you are comfortable and that the conditions are good before practicing. Do not hesitate to use the button in doubt or if you feel you are not positively buoyant enough.

Another reason outside safety is to save a little bit of air every time. Not much but if added to all the other little things can make a difference.