Training Agencies

There was a time when diving equipment was bought and put together in a hardware store. It was also the time when diving knowledge was acquired by word of mouth. The little knowledge available at the time came from the military. There were no standards or practices and the demand kept on increasing.

  • ACUC – American Canadian Underwater Certifications

    In 1969 numerous regional diving councils met together to create the Association of Canadian Underwater Councils later becomes American Canadian Underwater Certifications. Now as the company became more international its headquarter has been relocated to Madrid, Spain. Training offered: Recreational, Wreck, Ice Website: Email: Headquarter: Spain Address: Añastro, 25 28033 Madrid Phone: +34 … Read more

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  • ANDI – American Nitrox Divers, Inc.

    It is in 1988 that ANDI or the American Nitrox Divers, Inc. was formed to respond to a demand for training using other breathing gases than air. It also covered the filling of tanks with enriched air. Training offered: Recreational, Technical, Cave, Rebreather, Wreck, Hyperbaric Website: Email: Headquarter: United States of America Address: … Read more

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  • BSAC – British Sub-Aqua Club

    Established in London in 1953 by entrepreneur Oscar Gugen and journalist Peter Small, the British Sub-Aqua Club has evolved from a small group of dedicated members and diving pioneers to the BSAC we know today. Training offered: Recreational, Technical, Rebreather Website: Email: Headquarter: UK Address: Telford’s Quay, South Pier Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire … Read more

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