Training Agencies

There was a time when diving equipment was bought and put together in a hardware store. It was also the time when diving knowledge was acquired by word of mouth. The little knowledge available at the time came from the military. There were no standards or practices and the demand kept on increasing.

  • PSAI – Professional Scuba Association International

    PSAI was first founded in 1962 as Florida Divers Supply (FDS) by Hal Watts. In 1969 the name was changed to Florida State Skindiving Schools (FSSS). FSSS at the time was one of the largest dive schools in the world, with four locations in Florida and one in St. Lucia. It was as FSSS where … Read more

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  • PSS Worldwide – Professional Scuba Schools

    PSS Worldwide or Professional Scuba Schools began to operate in the diving sector in the 1990s. PSS was founded by experts who had already been involved in diver training for over twenty-five years and who came from various professional fields. Training offered: Recreational, Technical, Wreck, Freediving Website: Email: Headquarter: Italy Address: Via Diocleziano … Read more

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  • RAID – Rebreather Association of International Divers

    RAID or Rebreather Association of International Divers was founded by Barry Coleman. In the early 90s he started rebreather diving and conceptualised the design of a recreational rebreather. Working closely with the design team at Poseidon, the Mk VI Discovery Rebreather was born and brought to market in 2007. RAID was then launched by Coleman … Read more

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