Training Agencies

There was a time when diving equipment was bought and put together in a hardware store. It was also the time when diving knowledge was acquired by word of mouth. The little knowledge available at the time came from the military. There were no standards or practices and the demand kept on increasing.

  • TDI – Technical Diving International

    TDI or Technical Diving International was founded in 1994 by underwater explorer Bret Gilliam. It was meant to be a complete educational system for non-sport diving with topics such as decompression, additional cylinders, alternative breathing gases, rebreathers, or overhead environments such as wrecks, caves or mines. Training offered: Technical, Cave, Wreck, Rebreather Website: Email: … Read more

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  • UTD – Unified Team Diving

    In 2007, Andrew Georgitsis (co-founder and former Training Director of GUE 1997-2005) co-founded Unified Team Diving to pick up where DIR left off. What makes UTD different is their progressive approach of developing DIR into UTD diving. UTD’s beginning curriculum is designed with the end goal in mind – where the end goal could be … Read more

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