UTD – Unified Team Diving

In 2007, Andrew Georgitsis (co-founder and former Training Director of GUE 1997-2005) co-founded Unified Team Diving to pick up where DIR left off. What makes UTD different is their progressive approach of developing DIR into UTD diving.

UTD’s beginning curriculum is designed with the end goal in mind – where the end goal could be the most advanced level of deep cave. This end goal curriculum is implemented through their guiding ethos of always being Consistent, Scalable, and Interchangeable in all their skills, protocols, and equipment.

In UTD, there is no such thing as doing things one way for one type of diving, or a special piece of equipment for one type of diving, and another for another type of diving! The skills, techniques, and equipment used and taught at the lowest level are exactly the same as those used at the highest end goal level.

What makes UTD unique is the culture of it’s instructor family! Even though UTD instructors are scattered all over the world, they are united in their commitment to precision artful diving with a common sense attitude. UTD instructors see themselves primarily as coaches that help divers achieve their goals, and as certification evaluators secondarily. UTD’s instructor culture is what allows prospective UTD students to be able to depend on consistent training – regardless of which UTD instructor they choose.

Training offered: Recreational, Technical, Cave, Wreck

Website: http://www.utdscubadiving.com/en/splash/

Email: info@utdscubadiving.com

Headquarter: United States of America
Address: 8545 Arjons Drive Suite N, San Diego, CA, 92126
Phone: +1 (855) DIVE UTD (348-3883)