Training Agencies

There was a time when diving equipment was bought and put together in a hardware store. It was also the time when diving knowledge was acquired by word of mouth. The little knowledge available at the time came from the military. There were no standards or practices and the demand kept on increasing.

  • ISE – Inner Space Explorers

    ISE which stands for Inner Space Explorers was founded in 2008 by Achim R. Schlöffel. An underwater explorer and the only german speaking Tec 2 instructor for GUE at the time. As a lot of people want to explore more of the underwater world the education provided by ISE is in depth. Its aimed to … Read more

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  • NADD – NADD Global Diving Agency

    NADD or NADD Global Diving Agency was founded in 1984. Its activities are directed mainly to the development of educational systems, swimming courses, swimming and diving for people with disabilities. NADD acquired large expertise gained from experience with how difficult and complex is underwater training for disabled people. This was a solid foundation for the … Read more

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  • NASE Worldwide – National Academy of Scuba Educators

    The National Academy of Scuba Educators or NASE Worldwide was founded in 1982 in Lubbock, Texas. It was the concept of a group of scuba diving enthusiasts and business experts who identified a different approach to scuba diver certification agencies and their business practices. Training offered: Recreational, Technical Website: Email: Headquarter: United States … Read more

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